One giant leap for the smaller kind.

The size of the kibble in dog food plays an important role in the daily meals of your four legged friend. It should be appropriate and proportionate from a physical point of view to the size of each animal: the larger ones should have a diet with a kibble that makes them chew whereas the smaller ones, a kibble that allows them to bite and crack. In this way, we ensure that whatever the size of your play companion, his meals are made of feed adapted to his munching capacity and body mass.

In this manner, we adapted one of our best Naturea recipes for our friends that, despite being adults, are small and like to appreciate meals which are naturally appropriate-even in the kibble size.



雞肉餐 (高純): 37,92%

新鮮去骨雞肉: 13,08%

雞脂肪: 6,54%

雞肉汁: 2,74%

三文魚油: 0,87%

雞蛋粉: 0,44%



粗蛋白: 31.5%

粗脂肪: 19%

粗纖維: 3.5%

水分: 8.5%

碳水化合物: 29%

粗灰: 8.5%

代謝能: 373 kCal/100g

鈣: 1.33%

磷: 1.09%

Naturea 無穀物鮮肉糧-小型成犬鮮雞肉配方 2KG

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